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High-speed Rail Between Houston and Dallas
Imagine boarding a train in Houston and arriving in Dallas 90 minutes later. That's almost as long as it takes for some commuters in Houston to arrive at the office. The quick travel time between Texas' two major cities may become a reality with Read More...
High-Speed Rail from Houston to Dallas
For all those who have driven the four-hour trek to Dallas, or driven to the airport and waited an hour to fly there, here's good news: High-speed rail is coming. On Sept. 1, Ray LaHood , the Department of Transportation secretary, announced a $15 Read More...
Survey Shows High-Speed Rail a Popular Option
Nearly two-thirds of Americans recently surveyed said they would definitely or probably use high-speed rail service for business or leisure travel if they had that option. That's according to a survey released last week by the American Public Transportation Read More...
High-speed Rail in the U.S? Look to China
In his State of the Union address , President Obama proposed that $8 billion be set aside to develop high-speed rail in the United States. That amount seems paltry compared to $88 billion China invested last year in its railways, which now boasts the Read More...
Texas T-Bone: It's Not a Steak
Texas is ready for its T-Bone, and it's not a steak. It's the corridor of a proposed high-speed rail that would connect Houston - via College Station - to Temple, with that branch linking to Dallas-Ft. Worth, Austin and San Antonio. And Texas Read More...
A Ticket to Ride to State's Biggest Cities
No matter how much sleep I get - or how vigorous the workout - when I slip behind the wheel and start the long trek to San Antonio or Austin, I start nodding off after about an hour of driving. The rhythm of the car on the road puts me to sleep. I've Read More...