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Mario with a Message
Check out our latest safety video , a light-hearted approach to a serious message. A Mario type character rushes around town, ignoring safety as he hurries down the sidewalk and encounters obstacles. As the viewer sees what not to do, we hope the message Read More...
Safety First
METRORail is quieter than most buses and cars. So whether you’re walking, biking or driving near the rail, it’s important to stay alert and follow the rules of METRORail. Stop . Don’t walk in front of, behind or between the trains. They Read More...
Stay Safe During the Holidays
With the holiday season upon us, you may be commuting on the train or bus, loaded with shopping bags or doing more online shopping on your smart phone. Remember to stay safe with the extra distractions. Yesterday, a fully suited Santa rode down the street Read More...
METRO Matters on Safety
Your safety on our system is our top priority. With our newly extended North/Red Line and two more light-rail lines opening this fall,learning safety tips around rail is vital. Find out what METRO is doing to promote safety- from our buses to our light-rail Read More...
Train Wrapped in Red Says Safety
For the first time in METRORail's history, an entire rail car was completely wrapped to promote a safety message: Stop. Think. A vertical traffic signal on the red wrap added a visual cue. Despite a morning drizzle amid grey skies, excitement built Read More...
How Safe is Your Car?
When's the last time you received a report card? This week, if you find a flyer under your windshield wiper, don't throw it away. The METRO police are issuing report cards at various Park & Ride lots, letting you know if you've passed Read More...
Watch the Chief on TV
Just how safe is our transit system? It's widespread and stretches across 1,200 square miles in Houston, Harris County and beyond. Millions of commuters board our buses and trains every day. The good news: Our crime rate has declined over the past Read More...
Safety Tips When Driving or Walking Around Buses
If you're a driver, getting stuck behind a bus is the last place you want to be when you're rushing to get from here to there. Rear-end collisions with buses is the most common type of bus accidents nationwide - and also here at METRO. Right now, Read More...