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HOV Speed Tool Saves Travelers Time
This is a guest post by Brent Taylor, a METRO social media specialist who works out of TranStar. T he METRO HOV system is a great way to beat the rush-hour, gridlock traffic, and thanks to a new tool, commuters can see just how great the time savings Read More...
Paying More to Move Faster
Most of us know that if we want a Saturday night date at the movies, it's going to cost more than a Saturday morning date. Tickets cost about $5 more during prime movie time. That concept is called dynamic pricing. Prices vary according to traffic. Read More...
Enforcing the Rules on HOV Lanes
Several of you have e-mailed me, asking about how we enforce the rules on the HOV lanes. A person named H.C. writes: "There could be thousands - maybe millions - collected in city revenue, but because there is no patrol, the HOV lanes are packed Read More...
Responding to Your Questions About HOV Lanes
We have received more comments on a post about HOV lanes last Friday than any other post since we launched this blog 19 months ago. By 2 p.m. today, we received 106 comments on that one post, far outpacing the second most commented post with 65 comments. Read More...
All HOV Lanes Open Except Gulf Freeway
All high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes except the I-45 South HOV are open. Yesterday, METRO Police Chief Tom Lambert explained at a press conference what we were doing to keep the HOV lanes operational and why the Gulf Freeway lane remains closed. Click Read More...
Driving Safely in the HOV Lanes
When you're rushing to or from work, nothing beats slipping into an HOV lane - if you have the proper number of occupants, of course - and zipping along while hundreds of other cars are crawling in congested traffic. But if you drive the HOV lane, Read More...
Slowin' Down and Feelin' Happy
If you're used to speeding on the HOV lanes, you'll need to slow down. Last Saturday, METRO changed the traffic signs - alerting drivers that the new speed was changing to 65 miles per hour from 70 miles per hour. Why the slowdown? The METRO Police Read More...
HOV Lanes: When Two-plus Becomes Three-plus
Anyone who carpools during peak traffic hours on the 290 HOV lane knows how the traffic crawls – at certain times and in certain spots. Several of you have written in, asking when we’re going to change the occupancy requirements in the peak Read More...
HOV Lanes: No Dummies Allowed
Officer John Chaney stood next to his shiny, black Harley-Davidson police cruiser as cars and trucks zipped past us in the early morning drizzle and talked about the job he loves – and the drivers who love him back. Chaney, a METRO police officer Read More...