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Creative Crosswalk Highlights Walkers
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 3:11 PM


Crosswalk with giant letters painted on it in skewered mannerWe all know what the traditional crosswalk looks like – zebra stripes.

But visit the Netherlands, and you can find a crosswalk that looks like scrambled letters that were randomly tossed on the street. The crosswalk features giant letters and shapes randomly painted on the street - think of overturning a Scrabble game with the letters scattered all over.

This so-called creative crosswalk is designed to brighten up the neighborhood and grab the attention of motorists. Last week, this unique crosswalk was unveiled in the city of Rotterdam on downtown’s Westblaak Street.

“This intersection was chosen because it is busy with a lot of foot and car traffic. It’s also very central, so a great location to make a statement for livelier cities,” said Lior Steinberg of Street Makers, a local urbanism agency with a strong social mission.  

Read the scrambled letters carefully and you’ll see a message: “Stand Straight” and “Walk Proud.” The creators said they wanted the space to dignify and celebrate all pedestrians.

Closer to home, San Francisco has installed crosswalks of colored rainbows and Portland has unveiled rain-themed crosswalks with raindrops and a giant umbrella. Creators hope such crosswalks inspire pedestrians to use the crosswalks – and help motorists pay attention to pedestrians using them.

Would you like to see creative crosswalks in Houston?


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