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Would You Take a Train to the Airport?
Tuesday, May 09, 2017 2:21 PM


 Images of SkyTran, Velo-Cit, Next

Dust off the crystal ball, and peer into the future: What does public transportation look like in 2040?

We want to hear your ideas for a regional transit plan for the future. METRO, led by its Board of Directors and chair Carrin Patman, is developing a new plan for transit services. It will build on the foundation laid by METRO Solutions, approved by voters in 2003.

Our goals are to improve mobility, enhance connectivity, support vibrant communities and ensure a return on investment. We will be guided by these principles: safety, stewardship, accessibility and equity.

So talk to us.

What type of transit would you use? How do you feel about the goals above? If you don’t use transit today, what would convince you to use it? Can you list three important things METRO should keep top of mind as it shapes this regional plan?

Click here to learn more details. You’ll find tabs at the top of the page. One is “Share Your Vision” where you can submit your ideas online. You’ll also be able to see a presentation on our regional transit plan.

(Note: The images posted above are of SkyTran, Velo-City and Next, futuristic transportation technologies as described on



Cedric Collins said:

"Would You Take a Train to the Airport?"

Correction:  Would there be enough people who would rather take the train to the airport than take the bus, take the cab, or even deal with folks like Uber?  If METRO really wants to have trains go to the airports, have rail go to BOTH IAH and Hobby and hopefully they'll be enough folks who'll ride - not just to the airports but any other good spots in between Downtown Houston and IAH and/or Hobby.

# May 9, 2017 11:48 PM

Patrick Edwards said:

YES. I would  take a RELIABLE  train(that operate  from  4am to  2-3am -considering  how  messed  up the  airlines are  today- from  Downtown Houston  to   Bush-IAH  and  Hobby airports with  as  close to  door-to-door  service  as possible. Provided  they are  built  ABOVE  grade ( like the  elevated  trains aka the "L's" in Chicago,Boston & NYC). Yes  it's more expensive to  build,but they DON'T  flood and  service won't  be disrupted by  surface  level  accidents &  flooding!

# May 10, 2017 9:59 AM

Deborah Jones said:

I think train service to both airports would be a great idea! Connections to and from downtown,the galleria and the Texas Medical Center to each airport would decrease traffic in the vicinity of the airports and save on emissions.

# May 10, 2017 2:34 PM
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