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Tweeting About Transit Manners
Monday, May 08, 2017 9:00 AM

Tweet Campaign

From manspreading to seat hogs, bad transit etiquette will soon be shamed in a new campaign launched by Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), the public transportation agency in Canada.

The TTC plans to use real posts from social media by real riders commenting about etiquette – or the lack of it – on buses and trains in Toronto. The system-wide campaign, “You Said It,” is scheduled to launch next week. It will feature real tweets pointing out bad manners.

Some examples: Bobby tweets, “Why do people think that a seat is an acceptable place for their dirty shoes and feet? #TTC”

Another urges kindness. Melissa tweets, “If we could take a moment and think about others instead of ourselves for once. Give up the blue seats to those in need. #TTC.”

Eight ads will highlight different behaviors – from trespassing on subway tracks to tossing a bag on a seat to block someone from sitting next to you.

What would you tweet about to make our system a nicer place to ride?



DominicMazoch said:

The TTC is the "METRO" of Toronto, not for the who Dominion of Canada!

That said, some of our equipment is "trashed out", even on the first tuns out of the BOF's, ROC or the S&I!

# May 10, 2017 9:09 AM
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